About George Paton Photography

The thing I like most about photography is the places it takes me.  George Paton



My passion is producing the highest quality fine art photographs, for which most of this web site is dedicated. I typically use large format equipment for this endeavor which produces images far superior to that possible from 35mm format cameras digital or otherwise.


I also work commercially, photographing weddings and other social events and enjoy portraiture. For these activities I typically use 35mm digital equipment.




My interest in photographic began in the 1970s and I attended photography classes at the New School in Manhattan. For the last decade I have worked almost exclusively in color.  I have had work published in national magazines and have had work displayed at numerous Maine shows and galleries.  


I am drawn to compositions that have what I describe as strong visual dynamics. I strive to produce images that excite the eye and are stimulating to view.




Despite the digital age where manipulation of prints is virtually unlimited, my work would be considered straight.  I use minimal adjustment during the print making process. In my opinion photography is much more about seeing and the creation of images using visualization techniques at the time of exposure rather than subsequent manipulation.  The essence of my work is done behind and with the camera and not in front of a computer screen. I feel it is important to be aware of the distinction between photographs and heavily altered digital prints.




I generally use large format photographic equipment (4x5inch) for the image quality it produces.  I use Fuji Velvia film to record the image. Transparencies are scanned via state of the art equipment to produce high resolution digital files that retain all of their original sharpness, clarity and definition which produces prints of striking photographic quality and beauty. Images are printed on Fuji Archival C photographic paper.


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