About George Paton Photography


"The thing I like most about photography is the places it takes me."  George Paton






My photographic passion is to produce very high quality images for which this web site is dedicated.  I use both large format (4x5) and full frame digital cameras, both of which are capable of producing the image quality I require.  I am drawn to compositions that have a strong “visual dynamic” which excites the viewers eye and imagination. The image composition and the visual dynamic are generally the most important feature of my images.   




My interest in photography began in the 1970’s when I had the opportunity to take classes at the New School in New York. I was a country boy raised on a farm, fresh out of college, working in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the worId. My profession was civil engineering and my passion Became photography which still applies today.  I often say that I have used my profession (engineering) to support my passion (photography).  


My early photographic pursuit was primarily large format Black and White images.  I marveled at the images of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and many other photographers which were often available for viewing in the New York area. After four years of city living I returned to New England where I have spent most of my adult life. I have continued using large format equipment shooting both in Black and White and Color but have added the use of digital equipment more recently.   I have had images and technical articles published in national photo magazines and have had my work displayed in many Maine and New Hampshire galleries.  





Despite the digital age where manipulation of prints is virtually unlimited, my work would be considered traditional and straight.  I use minimal adjustment during the print making process. In my opinion photography is much more about seeing and the creation of images using visualization techniques at the time of exposure rather than subsequent manipulation.  The essence of my work is done behind and with the camera and not in front of a computer screen. I feel it is important to be aware of the distinction between photographs and heavily altered digital prints.


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